About Carissa


I am Carissa Martin, an aspiring sports broadcaster and current Communications major at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, graduating in April of 2018. Since starting at UMich, I have made full use of the on-campus organizations put in place to assist students, like myself, with gaining experience in the broadcasting field. I have worked with Big Ten Network Student U both sideline reporting and learning various off camera positions, such as tech producing and graphics. I have also worked as a Student Assistant with the network’s professional Chicago crew.

During my free time, I am also heavily involved with WolvTV, my university’s primary television network. My journey with WolvTV began as a sophomore working with other students to kick start Wolverine Women, a Women’s sports talk show with an entirely female crew. Being so heavily invested in a new initiative during my first year with the organization allowed me to establish myself as a leader, empower others, and exercise my own creative skills.

As my influence at WolvTV continued to grow, I was given the opportunity to executive produce my own show about Men's and Women's Basketball at UMich, which currently airs on the network. My experience executive producing has afforded me opportunities to successfully lead and collaborate with a team of driven individuals who share my passion about sports.

In addition to my consistent university involvement during the school year, I spent this past summer working with the Sacramento Kings in their digital media department, where I learned the ins and outs of filming, editing and distributing media content. Working alongside the seasoned executives at the Kings’ offices helped me to develop the skills that led to my securing a year-long internship with Michigan Football. The latter internship consisted of daily collaboration on projects within their social media and recruiting departments.

My drive to attain a successful career in sports broadcasting permeates in everything I do, from campus involvement to summer employment to being sure to catch every basketball game, even if it means watching them on my phone in between classes. I live and breathe sports and am equipped with an intense passion that will ultimately elevate me within the high energy, fast-paced field that is sports broadcasting.